Modern Cowboy by Jon Flaming, Opening May 2, 2019

In Modern Cowboy an important American icon is reimagined through a combined process of digital design and oil paint. A working process that evokes Henri Matisse’s cut-outs and David Hockney’s digital drawings. Flaming has embarked on an ambitious subject: the American cowboy, an icon that combines myth, legend, reality, and childhood play. Through simplification of the forms the Cowboys become iconic characters who wrestle with livestock, land, and elements. They drip sweat from the noonday heat and keep watch at night by light of the crackling campfire. The large-scale canvases incorporate Texas cultural markers like rattlesnakes, grackles and prickly pear cacti to help shape the visual landscape. The works create an active narrative of the Modern Cowboy.

“These paintings are stripped away of superfluous elements – the narrative conveyed with the least amount of visual information. They are big, bold, graphic images that in my mind convey a strong sense of who the cowboy and the country really are.”

– Jon Flaming

Learn more about Jon Flaming from his artist statement

Please join us for the opening reception of the show here at the gallery on May 2 from 5:30 PM-8:30 PM. The show will remain up with available works until June 28, 2019. For information and inquiries please contact the gallery directly.

For specific requests or inquiries please call us directly at 214-720-4044 or use our Online Contact Form.

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