Trotter, McKie

McKie Trotter

 (Am. 1918-1999)

McKie “Mac” Massenburg Trotter III was born January 23, 1918, in Manchester, Georgia. Mr. Trotter served in the infantry as a captain during World War II. Nine months of his service was spent in a Nazi prison camp. Mr. Trotter graduated from William and Mary and received his M. F. A. from the University of Georgia where he studied with Dodd, Charlot, Alan Kuzmiki, and Howard Thomas. He taught at Birmingham Southern College in Alabama before coming to Fort Worth. Mr. Trotter was a professor of art at TCU from 1953 until 1988 and was also head of the Art Department at Texas Wesleyan College for awhile. His first major recognition came in 1946 with the Pepsi-Cola Fellowship Award, and since then he has been represented in most of the important regional shows, including the Mid-American Annual, the Texas Annual, and the Fort Worth Local. Some of his awards include the Dallas Art Association Purchase Award in the 1953 Texas State Fair Exhibition, and the second prize in the 1954 Fort Worth Local Show. Some of his work has and is currently in the collection at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art; Murray State College, Kentucky; the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts; the Texas Fine Arts Association and the Texas Watercolor Society. After his retirement, he was active in the adult leadership of the Boy Scouts of America. Source: Star-Telegram, Obituary section, November 7th.