Seay, Judith

Judith Seay

 (Am. 20th/21st Cent.)

I was born in Dallas. I now live and paint out in the country North of Dallas. My inspiration comes from Nature even in my non-objective paintings. My creativity was enriched by my studies at SMU. The Dallas Nine were a great influence on our Dallas Museum of art and contemporary art in Dallas. I was fortunate to study painting with DeForrest Judd when Jerry Bywaters was head of the art department at SMU. I received my BFA and later returned to SMU to study painting with Stephen Wilder. I have shown in many galleries, Mary Tomas, David Dike, Wisby Smith at the Crescent, Bees Knees. LuminArte Fine Art Gallery has given me three solo shows. The last one was in April 2018. I am best known for my oil and metal leafing because it is unusual. I first used gold leaf on a huge sculpture in my sculpture class at SMU. I really enjoy doing unusual things with it. A few of my collectors; Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys) Ben and Marilyn Weber, Steve and Marcy Sands (Rosewood Properties at the Crescent), Dick Clark, (architect in Austin), Patrick and Carol McEvoy. My art has been in many charity auctions beginning with Art About Town in 1971. Crystal Charity Ball, 500 Inc. TACA, Dallas Contemporary, Art Ball for the Dallas Museum, CattleBaron’s Ball and more. I have enjoyed working with many art associations like Mod Artists, TVAA, Dallas Contemporary and I was a charter member of The Mac and a member of the Mac Pac.