Robertson, Horace O.

Horace O. Robertson

 (Am. 1887-1970)

Born in Marion, Illinois, Robertson was active in Dallas art circles in the 1930’s. He was primarily a self taught painter whose illustrations appeared in several publications, including Ladies Home Journal, Life and London Studios. He was co-owner of a secretarial school in Dallas and a resident of Toledo, Ohio after 1940. Exhibitions: Annual Allied Arts Exhibition, Dallas (1930-33, 1935, 1937 purchases prize, 1938, 1940, 1941 award, 1943, 1945 award); Dallas Painters in Oil (1935), Lone Star Regionalism: the Dallas Nine and Their Circle (1985 traveling exhibition), Dallas Museum of Fine Arts; Texas Centennial Exposition, Fort Worth (1937); Greater Dallas and Pan-American Exposition, Dallas (1937); Lone Star Printmakers Circuit Exhibition (1938-42); American Art Today Exhibition, New York World’s Fair (1939); Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco (1939-40); Texas-Oklahoma General Exhibition (1941 honorable mention); Southern States Art League Annual Exhibition (1941-42); Annual Texas Print Exhibition, Dallas (1943-44 awards); Texas Panorama Exhibition, Dallas Museum of Fine Art (1943) and American Federation of Arts (1944 traveling exhibition); Texas General exhibition (1944); Philadelphia Art Alliance. Collections: Dallas Museum of Art. Affiliations: Klepper Sketch Club, Dallas; Lone Star Printmakers; Southern States Ar League. References: Falk; Mallaet, Supplement; Stewart, Lone Star Regionalism; Who’s Who in American Art 2, 3. Source: Texas Painters, Sculptors & Graphic Artists by John and Deborah Powers