Mozley, Loren

Loren Mozley

 (Am. 1905-1989)

When he was one year of age, Mozley’s family brought him to New Mexico from his birthplace of Brookport, Illinois. He graduated from high school in Albuquerque in 1923 and attended the University of New Mexico until 1926; during the summers he was Mabel Dodge Luhan’s secretary in Taos. In 1926 he moved to Taos to paint and participate in the life of the art colony there. From 1929 to 1931, Mozley traveled in Italy, southern France, and the Netherlands and studied at the Academies Colarossi and de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris. He then worked as an engraver in New York City until 1934, earning a sparse income to support his painting. In 1935 he returned to Albuquerque and taught in the art department of the University of New Mexico (1936 – 1937). During the summers, he directed the Field Art School of Art, Taos. In 1938 Mozley joined his friend Ward Lockwood in Austin to help organize the first art department at the University of Texas. In addition to his teaching duties, Mozley continue to paint and exhibit. He lectured at the Witte Memorial Museum School of art, San Antonio (1940 – 1941), and taught in the Texas Field School at the National University of Mexico (summers, 1943 – 1945), his interest in Latin-American art having resulted from a 1938 trip to Mexico City. In the 1950s and 1960s Mozley traveled in Latin America and taught four summers at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He retied professor emeritus from the University of Texas in 1975, having served as chairman of the art department (1942 – 1945, 1958 – 1959). Mozley died in Austin.
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