Maxwell, Paul

Paul Maxwell

 (AM. 1925- )

Not only had Paul Maxwell established himself as an artist of national importance, but, more importantly, he was one of the few artists who has developed a new medium for his art. This process, called “stencil-casting,” has been patented by Maxwell, (making him one of the few living artists to have his own patented medium). Stencil-casting is a unique process, similar in some respects to silkscreening. The process permited Maxwell to work in a heavy, precisely-controlled relief on any appropriate surface, including paper, vinyl, wood or fabric. A unique aspect of stencil-casting is that it literally has no size limit. The artist, therefore, is not restricted to those dimensions which characterize most traditional media. Paul Maxwell was a sculptor, painter, and printmaker in several other media. In addition to producing art, Maxwell was vitally interested in art education and has produced an art oriented television series. He founded the Contemporary Arts Foundation in Oklahoma City which has been an important influence on the cultural scene in the Southwest. The artist’s monumental wall mural in the Dallas Apparel Mart, fondly called the “Max Wall,” was used as the backdrop for a major movie, “Logan’s Run,” set in the 23rd Century. Maxwell’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, with pieces in numerous corporate and private collections. Source: