Hogue, Alexandre

Alexandre Hogue

 (Am. 1898-1994)

A painter, printmaker, and muralist known for his Dust Bowl series and early 20th-century depictions of Indian life in Taos, New Mexico, Alexander Hogue worked in a style that was abstract and realistic. In Taos, where he first arrived in 1926, he was especially interested in the pueblo Indians spiritual lives and relationship to the land. From 1945, he held an art faculty position at The University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, having taught earlier at Texas State College for Women in Denton, and the Hockaday School for Girls in Dallas. His formal art education was at the College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, and he was a student of Texas artist Frank Reaugh. In 1921, he moved to New York City where he lived for four years, but he frequently returned to Texas to paint in the summers as well as making numerous trips to Taos. He was also an illustrator and cartoonist for the Dallas Times-Herald, and in Texas did black and white lithographs of the oil fields. In Dallas, he lived at 912 Moreland Street.