Gutierrez, Raul

Raul Gutierrez

  (Am. 1935-)

The oil paintings of Texas artist Raul Gutierrez reflect the heritage of his state and include cowboys in landscape, Indians staring directly into the eyes of the viewers and birds such as Bobwhites camouflaging themselves in the brush. Born in Laredo, Gutierrez moved to San Antonio with his family during his high school years, and by this time was already showing art talent. His drawing and sketching skills earned him an art scholarship to the Warren Hunter School of Commercial and Fine Arts, which he attended at night while going to high school during the day. Gutierrez exhibited many talents including that of illustrator at the Pentagon in Washington DC, political cartoonist and newspaper illustrator at the San Antonio Light from 1957 to 1972, poet and songwriter in his native Spanish language, and fine-art painter in his ‘spare time’. Publication references include The Artists of the Texas, Public School Book Anthology Texas, People Magazine October 1998 issue, Houston Chronicle Texas Magazine 1970 and 1984, San Antonio Light, San Antonio Homes & Gardens, Red Rock News-Sedona, AZ, Memos-Houston Doctor’s Magazine, San Antonio Express, Irving Daily News, The State of Art, San Antonio Monthly, Images-SA Express-News, and Texas Outdoors Journal. When he felt enough confidence in his painting, he focused his abilities on that pursuit, and also spent much time researching his subjects because with Gutierrez, authenticity is a major concern. Collectors of his work include the late President Lyndon B. Johnson; former Texas Governor Connally; former President of Mexico, Miguel Aleman; and nationally known country and western singer and actor, George Strait. AWARDS Named Texas Artist of the Year by the Texas Legislature, 1983-1984 Referenced in Texas Anthology: Adventures in Time and Place Source: Meadow Lark Gallery