Compton, Mildred

Mildred Compton

  (Am. 1912-1976)

Painter Mildred Norris Compton (Mrs. Carl Benton Compton), 1912-76, was born in Vernon, Illinois, but is associated with the cities of Georgetown, Austin and Denton in Texas. She was a graduate of North Texas State University, Denton, holding bachelors and masters degrees. After her 1935 marriage to Carl Benton Compton in Richmond, Indiana, they lived from 1936-1943 in Georgetown where she wrote about art for the “Austin American-Statesman”. From 1944, they lived in Denton, where, for nineteen years, she served as a high school counselor. She died, and is buried, in Denton Compton’s work was exhibited in the Annual Southeast Texas Artists Exhibition, Houston, 1937; National Exhibition of American Art, Rockefeller Center, New York, 1938; Texas-Oklahoma General Exhibition, 1941; Texas General Exhibition, 1941-42, 1945, 1947; Hock Shop Collection: Rediscovering Texas Artists of the Past, Center for the Visual Arts, Denton, 1998. Source: John and Deborah Powers, “Texas Painters, Sculptors, and Graphic Artists”