Haddad, Jennie

Jennie Haddad

 (Am. 1906 - 1996)

Dallas abstract expressionist painter, Jennie Haddad was born in 1906 in Lebanon and moved to the United States in 1912. Haddad first received formal art training for two years under William C. Palmer (Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute School of Art, Utica, New York). Mr. Palmer was stationed in Tyler, Texas during World War II. In the early 1950’s, she studied art at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas and studied painting with Otis Dozier, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. In 1956 she moved East, to study with Hans Hofmann, while living in Provincetown and New York City. She studied with him for several years and kept in touch with him until his death in 1966. She continued her studies at the Art Students League and in Woodstock, NY as well as Paris, France at the Academy De Chamyere in 1962. She exhibited across the country including at the National Columbia Painting Biennial in 1957; received the Houston Museum Award in 1957; exhibited at the Delgado Museum in 1959; the 65th Annual for Western Art in Denver, CO in 1959; and at the Denver Museum Invitational in 1969; and at the Dallas County Show at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts in 1958. Jennie Haddad passed away in 1996.

“This is solid art. Jennie Haddad has what I’d call ‘painting culture’ in her very bones; she has it by instinct. She was born to paint. I saw that a long time ago, when I first met her and first saw pictures by her. Now I criticize her for not following her vision—which is very much there—more single-mindedly. Well, she hasn’t said her last word yet, not by a long shot. I’m waiting for her to repeat herself. When she does it’ll be nothing like mere repetition; rather it will be revelation.”

Clement Greenburg, Art Critic
New York

1957 19 th Annual Texas Painting & Sculpture Exhibition
Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas
(Received Houston Museum Award)
1957 Columbia Painting Biennial Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, South Carolina
1958 Dallas Exhibition
Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas
1958 Provincetown Art Association Show
Provincetown, Massachusetts
1958 Corcoran Gallery
Washington, D.C.
1959 21 st Annual Texas Painting & Sculpture Exhibition
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
1959 30 th Annual Dallas County Exhibition of Painting, Drawing & Sculpture
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas
1959 Isaac Delgado Museum of Art
New Orleans, Louisiana
1959 Invitational show for Four Artists
The New Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts
1959 H. Gallery
Provincetown, Massachusetts
1959 65 th Annual for Western Artists
Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
1961 3 rd Annual Southwest Art Exhibit
Oklahoma Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(Received 1 st place – painting purchased by Univ. of Oklahoma;
Clement Greenburg – Juror)
1961 Denver Invitational Show
Oklahoma Museum of Fine Art, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1979 Retrospective of Jennie Haddad’s Work as chosen by Mr. Clement Greenburg,
University of Dallas, Texas
1980 Brookhaven College
One Man Show
1980 Dallas Art III
City Hall, Dallas, Texas
1981 Works on Paper by Jennie Haddad & David McCullough
Adams-Middleton Gallery, Dallas, Texas
1983 Jennie Haddad – Watercolors
Ruth Wiseman Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Amarillo, Texas (Bank of Amarillo)
San Francisco, California (Mason Wells)
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Dallas, Texas
Tyler, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas (Monastery)
Oklahoma University, Norman, Oklahoma
University of Dallas
Brookhaven College, Dallas, Texas