Franz Strahalm

Franz Strahalm Franz Strahalm

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FRANZ STRAHALM (AM. 1879-1935)

Born in Vienna, Austria in February 1879, Franz Strahalm is considered as a truly important American landscape painter. He inherited his talent form his father, who was an artist of Vienna, receiving early training from him and later studied at the Art School of Hamburg. Strahalm specialized in landscapes, painting many local scenes in Dallas. In addition, he also painted figures, portraits and murals using oils, watercolors, and temperas. He exhibited successfully at the Royal Academy in Paris before coming to America in 1911, then in New York at the Anderson Gallery Exhibit at the Waldorf Astoria, in Boston, Houston, and San Antonio and in Dallas at the Times Herald and Sanger Brothers. Mr. Strahalm was a member of the Society of Independent Artists, the Art Center of New York, Southern States Art League and the Dallas Art Association. Strahalm painted in Colorado and in New Mexico before settling in Dallas where he set up a private studio named the School in Fine Painting on Phillips Street to teach young artists. Franz Strahalm is recognized internationally.

Source: Texas Painters, Sculptors & Graphic Artists by John and Deborah Powers and Fisk.

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